Nicki Minaj Calls Adele “Mad Ratchet”


Nicki Minaj Calls Adele “Mad Ratchet”

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First of all, if you haven’t watched the video of Adele’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, do yourself a favor and check it out now. One of the many viewers of the hilarious clip was Nicki Minaj, who took to social media on Wednesday night to share her thoughts on Adele’s rap-along to a famous verse in Nicki’s song “Monster.” The rapper seemed to be in complete awe of Adele, who was not only spot-on with the lyrics, but imitated Nicki’s hand gestures and facial expressions perfectly. Nicki shared a clip of the moment on Instagram, writing, “Pull thru, QUEEN!!!!! #Adele #Monster the attitude & fingers to match. #Oh #Ok #IcoNic I cried when she waved bye to the careers #Hello #BuhBye.” She also followed up with a tweet calling Adele “mad ratchet.” Keep reading to watch Adele’s…

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4real records kicked off its second portion Peace Tour in Tiafa-Accra, when all of the broadcast networks and major cable channels preview their biggest  programs.

The purpose of this local and global Initiative tour  is to build a Culture of Peace , uniting the strengths of organizations, projects and peoples in order to make Peace a practical reality for the  future generations during this election #2016.

In the VIP area , where fans waited for JKL4REAL and DQ ,the coordinator for 4Real Records, said: “It’s a very important day, to attract people’s attention to the meaning and significance of peaceful election – but the biggest job is yet to be done.”

The Peace tour comes just days after 4real records revealed DQ’s first single”Baby Lets Go” .


Jkl4real did share his song’s. Additionally,he performed an impromptu Dance , which ended leading the audience into a communal chant of his latest single ”okechuku”



4Real Peace Hood Tour brought together the likes of Jkl4real(Malaysia),DQ(Nigeria),Ras kuuku (Ghana),Tesco (Togo), E&E(Nigeria),Jah Lazarus(Ghana)

Special thanks to Jaba and T’Best for their support


When people come together and focus on something in a positive way…there’s scientific evidence that there is PEACE

Watch Pictures/Video Of 2016 4Real Records Peace Football Match(Tiafa-Accra)

Watch Pictures/Video Of 2016 4Real Records Peace Football Match(Tiafa-Accra)

Football for Peace is a diplomatic sports movement that creates dialogue and unites people. 4Real Records contribution to peace is to influence diplomatic, social and political relations by creating neutral environments through peace tour, to inspire people.

The game was played between Burkina market stars and 4Real Records Ghana, bringing together both international and local staff on an exciting challenge.

”Football for Peace has implemented many successful initiatives around the globe. Today, our organisation is working closely with local and international communities to help promote continual dialogue and advocate for peaceful Election. The soccer match was aimed at demonstrating “that they(4real records) are capable of making peace with a game, with art,” he said (4real records manager), adding that he’s doing this for PEACE.”

We feel deeply encouraged by 4real records Ghana to host a historical peace  football match.








Just like magic, DQ’s music video for his first single “Baby Lets Go” from 4Real Record Studios’  has premiered  viaYOUTUBE #live . The video was directed by Justin Kingland(Jkl4real) and features special guest appearances by members of DQ’s family! Click here to watch it now or press play below. Let DQ  know what you think of the new video on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #BabyLetsGo.

“Baby Lets Go” is available for download

FACEBOOK:@dqmusik ,TWITTER:@dqmusik, YOUTUBE:@dqmusik ,INSTAGRAM:@dqmusik,


13414657_606665206159727_306628771_n (1)

4Real Records announced the release of DQ’s first single . The young artist will join force with Togo top music engineer and Malaysian based artiste ” Dj kriss”and ”Jkl4real”, who co-wrote with DQ and produced the single “unstoppable”.

Nigerian artists are the hottest commodity in the music world right now. DQ, a UK based Nigerian may not have released a dope single yet, but his talent has awed those who have heard him sing at events.

Jkl4real advised the singers who is looking forward to break into the industry ”and he says, “The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to be hungry enough for what you want to achieve. I was pretty hungry when I came all the way from Malaysia.As a musician, it’s important to create your own sound, find the right music production and collaborate with like-minded professionals. I feel that it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses along the way. It may take a decade to get your foot in the door.”
“A lot of people think the young artists is superficial; I can’t agree with that,” says dj kriss, “I think the younger generation is promising and hugely diverse in their art . It’s happening now with music that embrace what happens in the world. I think it is an exciting moment

According to 4real records manager”Kweku Fleava” he said”Once the first single is ready for release, Fans will be able to download a free copy of DQ’s single .

The broadcast will be capped by over 10 media stations which include : Pink FM, pluzz Fm,Live fm,Accra Fm,Kasapa Fm,Okay,fm,Oxzy fm, 4real Tv, Elaborbiz tv and many more

Could DQ be the next big name to come out of GHANA. Young, creative and ready to take over the game, I cannot wait for you to hear it! Hopefully you love it and can cheer it on by requesting airplay with the radio stations!


OKETUKUOn Monday (May. 30th), Jkl4real will return with “okechukwu,” the forth single THIS YEAR, from his highly anticipated studio singles announced through a series of teaser showcase videos that is ready to move on to the next phase of his legendary music career

There was no indication that jkl4real was close to releasing his new single next week, let alone this year or within the next few months. The dancehall musician has been touring the world over the past years .

Screenshot_2016-05-26-19-14-36Jkl4real made the announcement on his official twitter account . 4real records describe the upcoming release as a “BANGER”.The Song will be available on Elaborbiz Tv, 4Real Tv,, and it will be premired live on Pluzz Fm . There’s no word said yet on when other streaming services will have the single.

Before jkl4real unveils his latest radio offering, check out the dancehall superstar’s 5 biggest singles to date. jkl4real Top Songs are based on actual performance on the Malaysian music chat.
The track list for jkl4real is as follows.

1. African children ft. I and I combination by jkl4real ( )
2.Google me by Justin Kingland (
3.Dance floor- JKL4real ft. Elephant man (–rock }
4. Chineke- jkl4real
( }
5.Wah ever u do -jkl4rea
l ( )

In addition to the new music”OKECHUKU”, there are a whopping showcase videos to accompany his song


Jkl4real performed alongside Ras kuuku, Obibini, and many others to raise awareness for the refugees at budunbura camp.(kasoa)

The contributions of music legend jkl4real are unmistakable; with his stand-out lead vocals in ,2-time African Entertainment AE Awards winning  and his critically acclaimed dancehall career that has lasted over 10 years, jkl4real has had a successful 9 -year career in music. He has received many accolades . He was presented ; Best Reggae/Dancehall (Solo/Group) 2011, Best Inspirational Song/Music ,and is one of a few artists who has performed in most Asian countries .

Star pals came out in droves to see the musician perform

jkl4real has collaborated with such icons over his illustrious career including Elephant man

For jkl4real, his  birthday will be one he’s never likely to forget. This took the star by throwing a charity concert at bujubmura camp(Ghana) with the help of 4real records

At the end of the night the man of the moment took to the stage and told the audience: “Thank you so much for making my birthday so special.”



Jkl4real is a Multi- Award-winning Malaysia-based Nigerian artiste presently in Ghana. His personal experience of violent conflict in his home country (Nigeria) moved him to use music to send a positive message to young people. Through his songs, his international performances, and his Record label (4real records )and other initiatives, he raises awareness of the power and importance of peace-building.

To date, his accolades ,2-time African Entertainment AE Awards , Best Reggae/Dancehall (Solo/Group) 2011, Best Inspirational Song/Music. He has also been awarded Winner 1st Indie Music Channel Award Hollywood California (USA) for Best World Music Artist & Best World Music Song.

jkl_79Jkl4real has explore over 15 countries in his careers, which inspired him to develop real love for music . He sought ways to express his feelings and his hopes through his songs, and to communicate about important issues to a broader audience

“Every peace mission I’ve been on has been dangerous, but this journey to elecection 2016 is without question the most perilous, and in my opinion—the most important, “People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in West Africa, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what i’m about to change.” said jkl4real on 4REAL TALK (4REAL TV)

jkl_22He shared his thoughts on the electoral process, underscoring the need for a measures to be put in place for a peaceful election 2016 in Ghana.

It may sound crazy to some, but it’s not the first time jkl4real has to sing and pray for peace. While it might be dangerous.


4real records will hold a charity concert with the suport of the media (UTV,GTV,TV3,Elaborbiz TV,Kweku vibes, 4Real TV,Viasat 1,Peace fm,Live Fm, Pluzz fm) on the birthday of Justin Kingland. The concert will take place in the outdoor courtyard, which provides ample space for 2000+ people to enjoy the day. This event was approved by UNHCR- United Nation High Commissioner for Refugee (Ghana) and other Govenmental agencies such as Ghana Education Services ,Ghana peace Council and Ghana Health Service. Other are T Best, Aloe Vera and more.. (LOCATION:BUJUBURAM CAMP IN KASOA)IMG-20160409-WA0002

jkl4real is one of malaysia’s best raggae-dancehall artiste. He performed on some of the greatest stages of the world, such as USA, London, Vienna, and Paris.

4real records announced on Twitter that all proceeds from the event ”4REAL CHARITY CONCERT” will be donated to refugees at the camp.The donation, set up by The 4REAL RECORDS, will helps people who are in financial, personal or medical trouble.

001.jpg“I never thought I’d be able to come to Ghana and be celebrated, but it’s happening,”.Most people think I was from Malaysia but I grew up in Nigeria. Now I’m in Ghana(West Africa ) I’m so excited I can’t stand myself. I’m so blessed with friends and my God-given talent, my good health and my wife who wouldn’t ever let me quit” said jkl4real on 4REALT

According to 4real records manager on Elaborbiz TV ,he quoted ”We are working with a number of charities but focusing on those directly providing urgent medical care to those in need during their long, difficult and dangerous passage to a life they dream of”


t004The internet is buzzing with rumors that the next big artist to go the surprise route is jkl4real. While neither the singer nor his label will confirm or deny an imminent release, it’s sounding more and more possible by the day.
The timing seems perfect for a new record to come very, very soon. jkl4real is known for being particularly prolific, and people have been waiting for new music for weeks now he released two hit singles earlier this year titled ”prayer”, ”my own”, so if he was going to drop a big surprise, it would likely come this month.jkl_22
Recently, two of jkl4reals’s singles let the (potential) beans spill that a new album is being worked on, and that it might be coming sooner than many people think. In a tv interview(4realtv) to promote his upcoming single ”CHINEKE”, 4real records manager ”kweku flava” said that he had worked on a track for jkl4real


In addition, Togolese top producer DJ kriss was recently speaking on a different tv show (elaborbiz tv) when he claimed that the reggae-dancehall star and the two inhouse artists (yung chi and chizzy) was already playing new tracks for label executives. He said that while in 4real records studio just a few days ago, jkl4real had five songs ready to go, suggesting “that project is a lot closer than anyone realized”.
The singer’s last album, ”IMPERIAL LIGHT”, was his first to debut at number one in Malaysia. It got a strong start thanks to the hit single “Google me”.
While no one can say for sure if jkl4real is planning on a collaborative single with Ghanaian hippop star and populary known to as the ”Rap God” (sakordie ), we are likely to hear from the singer again sometime soon, so keep your ears open.


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