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Lady Gaga’s Full Circle Journey: How the Joanne Era Pays Tribute to Her Beginnings

She arrived just before 9:30 p.m. After greeting fans who couldn’t make it inside, she ran through the crowd and onto the dive bar stage. “My name is Lady Gaga,” she started. “I’m a singer-songwriter from New York and I’m coming through Nashville.” In that moment, that’s exactly who she was and who she’s always been. After winning Grammys, touring the world, and becoming a global phenomenon—Gaga was finally returning to her roots just before the release of Joanne.

Rewind to Greenwich Village in early 2006. The Stefani Germanotta Band was performing at The Bitter End. The lead singer interrupted their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er” to announce, “You guys f–king rock.” The 19-year-old was confident, authentic, and talented. More than 10 years separate these performances, but watch them back-to-back and you’ll fail to see much difference.

Before her Bitter End performance, Gaga made a splash at the 2005 UltraViolet Live talent competition while studying at NYU. After singing two original songs, the impressed MCs joked, “Norah Jones watch out,” because that was a thing in 2005.

When Stefani became Gaga, she was working with Rob Fusari—a man who would produce, “name,” and ultimately sue her. (His $30.5 million suit claimed he was owed up to 20 percent of the profits off her first four albums, and her countersuit called that arrangement unlawful. They ultimately settled for an undisclosed amount). This music was electronic, dance-heavy, some tracks landing on what would become The Fame. Since-leaked demos include “Sexy Ugly” and “Ribbons”—the latter featuring a chorus about condoms (“wrap it up with a ribbon”) and a bridge Samantha Jones would enthusiastically endorse (“Only difference between downtown and uptown is therapy and Valium”).

The artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta snowballed quickly into a global phenomenon with The Fame. She satirized pop culture and the modern pop star, most memorably in her 2009 VMA performance of “Paparazzi,” where the fame “took her life” on-stage.

Her follow up, The Fame Monster, was tonally darker. The eight-track EP featured pop culture references, ballads and Beyoncé. Her life became a performance art piece, and who she was wearing—Alexander McQueen or a butcher—made more headlines than her music. “The Manifesto of Little Monsters” gave a direct identity to her fans, and was signed with a date, 12/18/1974. The day her aunt Joanne passed away—nearly 12 years before Gaga’s birth.


Just like magic, DQ’s music video for his first single “Baby Lets Go” from 4Real Record Studios’  has premiered  viaYOUTUBE #live . The video was directed by Justin Kingland(Jkl4real) and features special guest appearances by members of DQ’s family! Click here to watch it now or press play below. Let DQ  know what you think of the new video on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #BabyLetsGo.

“Baby Lets Go” is available for download

FACEBOOK:@dqmusik ,TWITTER:@dqmusik, YOUTUBE:@dqmusik ,INSTAGRAM:@dqmusik,


OKETUKUOn Monday (May. 30th), Jkl4real will return with “okechukwu,” the forth single THIS YEAR, from his highly anticipated studio singles announced through a series of teaser showcase videos that is ready to move on to the next phase of his legendary music career

There was no indication that jkl4real was close to releasing his new single next week, let alone this year or within the next few months. The dancehall musician has been touring the world over the past years .

Screenshot_2016-05-26-19-14-36Jkl4real made the announcement on his official twitter account . 4real records describe the upcoming release as a “BANGER”.The Song will be available on Elaborbiz Tv, 4Real Tv,, and it will be premired live on Pluzz Fm . There’s no word said yet on when other streaming services will have the single.

Before jkl4real unveils his latest radio offering, check out the dancehall superstar’s 5 biggest singles to date. jkl4real Top Songs are based on actual performance on the Malaysian music chat.
The track list for jkl4real is as follows.

1. African children ft. I and I combination by jkl4real ( )
2.Google me by Justin Kingland (
3.Dance floor- JKL4real ft. Elephant man (–rock }
4. Chineke- jkl4real
( }
5.Wah ever u do -jkl4rea
l ( )

In addition to the new music”OKECHUKU”, there are a whopping showcase videos to accompany his song


Jkl4real performed alongside Ras kuuku, Obibini, and many others to raise awareness for the refugees at budunbura camp.(kasoa)

The contributions of music legend jkl4real are unmistakable; with his stand-out lead vocals in ,2-time African Entertainment AE Awards winning  and his critically acclaimed dancehall career that has lasted over 10 years, jkl4real has had a successful 9 -year career in music. He has received many accolades . He was presented ; Best Reggae/Dancehall (Solo/Group) 2011, Best Inspirational Song/Music ,and is one of a few artists who has performed in most Asian countries .

Star pals came out in droves to see the musician perform

jkl4real has collaborated with such icons over his illustrious career including Elephant man

For jkl4real, his  birthday will be one he’s never likely to forget. This took the star by throwing a charity concert at bujubmura camp(Ghana) with the help of 4real records

At the end of the night the man of the moment took to the stage and told the audience: “Thank you so much for making my birthday so special.”



Jkl4real is a Multi- Award-winning Malaysia-based Nigerian artiste presently in Ghana. His personal experience of violent conflict in his home country (Nigeria) moved him to use music to send a positive message to young people. Through his songs, his international performances, and his Record label (4real records )and other initiatives, he raises awareness of the power and importance of peace-building.

To date, his accolades ,2-time African Entertainment AE Awards , Best Reggae/Dancehall (Solo/Group) 2011, Best Inspirational Song/Music. He has also been awarded Winner 1st Indie Music Channel Award Hollywood California (USA) for Best World Music Artist & Best World Music Song.

jkl_79Jkl4real has explore over 15 countries in his careers, which inspired him to develop real love for music . He sought ways to express his feelings and his hopes through his songs, and to communicate about important issues to a broader audience

“Every peace mission I’ve been on has been dangerous, but this journey to elecection 2016 is without question the most perilous, and in my opinion—the most important, “People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in West Africa, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what i’m about to change.” said jkl4real on 4REAL TALK (4REAL TV)

jkl_22He shared his thoughts on the electoral process, underscoring the need for a measures to be put in place for a peaceful election 2016 in Ghana.

It may sound crazy to some, but it’s not the first time jkl4real has to sing and pray for peace. While it might be dangerous.


4real records will hold a charity concert with the suport of the media (UTV,GTV,TV3,Elaborbiz TV,Kweku vibes, 4Real TV,Viasat 1,Peace fm,Live Fm, Pluzz fm) on the birthday of Justin Kingland. The concert will take place in the outdoor courtyard, which provides ample space for 2000+ people to enjoy the day. This event was approved by UNHCR- United Nation High Commissioner for Refugee (Ghana) and other Govenmental agencies such as Ghana Education Services ,Ghana peace Council and Ghana Health Service. Other are T Best, Aloe Vera and more.. (LOCATION:BUJUBURAM CAMP IN KASOA)IMG-20160409-WA0002

jkl4real is one of malaysia’s best raggae-dancehall artiste. He performed on some of the greatest stages of the world, such as USA, London, Vienna, and Paris.

4real records announced on Twitter that all proceeds from the event ”4REAL CHARITY CONCERT” will be donated to refugees at the camp.The donation, set up by The 4REAL RECORDS, will helps people who are in financial, personal or medical trouble.

001.jpg“I never thought I’d be able to come to Ghana and be celebrated, but it’s happening,”.Most people think I was from Malaysia but I grew up in Nigeria. Now I’m in Ghana(West Africa ) I’m so excited I can’t stand myself. I’m so blessed with friends and my God-given talent, my good health and my wife who wouldn’t ever let me quit” said jkl4real on 4REALT

According to 4real records manager on Elaborbiz TV ,he quoted ”We are working with a number of charities but focusing on those directly providing urgent medical care to those in need during their long, difficult and dangerous passage to a life they dream of”


t004The internet is buzzing with rumors that the next big artist to go the surprise route is jkl4real. While neither the singer nor his label will confirm or deny an imminent release, it’s sounding more and more possible by the day.
The timing seems perfect for a new record to come very, very soon. jkl4real is known for being particularly prolific, and people have been waiting for new music for weeks now he released two hit singles earlier this year titled ”prayer”, ”my own”, so if he was going to drop a big surprise, it would likely come this month.jkl_22
Recently, two of jkl4reals’s singles let the (potential) beans spill that a new album is being worked on, and that it might be coming sooner than many people think. In a tv interview(4realtv) to promote his upcoming single ”CHINEKE”, 4real records manager ”kweku flava” said that he had worked on a track for jkl4real


In addition, Togolese top producer DJ kriss was recently speaking on a different tv show (elaborbiz tv) when he claimed that the reggae-dancehall star and the two inhouse artists (yung chi and chizzy) was already playing new tracks for label executives. He said that while in 4real records studio just a few days ago, jkl4real had five songs ready to go, suggesting “that project is a lot closer than anyone realized”.
The singer’s last album, ”IMPERIAL LIGHT”, was his first to debut at number one in Malaysia. It got a strong start thanks to the hit single “Google me”.
While no one can say for sure if jkl4real is planning on a collaborative single with Ghanaian hippop star and populary known to as the ”Rap God” (sakordie ), we are likely to hear from the singer again sometime soon, so keep your ears open.



The most anticipated Easter Show in GH History has just landed

You better hold on real tight in the most extraordinary encounter at @BOND’S SQUARE in ADENTA (ACCRA) on SUNDAY the 27th of March.

The headline artiste is award winning singer Justin Kingland aka JKL4real whose artistic success in 2015 was outstanding.

JKL4REAL (DR. MONEY) said: “I have performed in many special places during my long career but this show in Ghana is going to be a landmark event for me, and, to all my fans out there.
Event Type: Music, reggae-dancehall
For info Phone on 0241384409


Exclusive:Up close with JKL4real A.K.A Dr.Money


The Asia based young talented music sensation, Justin Kingland is a reggae/ dance Hall, artist, who’s mashing up stages and making waves on air and online with his new song (Whatever) around the globe. It’s now clear that when we talk about people changing the face of African music in the Diaspora dance-hall Dr. Money comes in mind. After listening to the songs of the artist, I had to bring him to my Hot Seat and make him answer some questions…

KV: How does technology impact your music?

JKL: Well let’s just say that things are not as they used to be when the only way to own a record was to walk into HMV or any music store and have a physical purchase of copy of a record… NOW it’s the 21st Century so everybody wants to download from the net and I mean almost EVERYBODY. And there are phones and all kinds of gadgets that can be used to download and upload music just some within seconds. There are a lot of websites, and so many technological means of sharing music. There are Bluetooth devices and social media networks that support this and all you have to do is to type an artist’s name or song title and BAM you have it, lol. So I guess it’s an easier and faster way of pushing the music out there. It’s not always

KV: Tell us a little bit about your background- where did you grow up and go to school, how many siblings do you have?

JKL: I grew up in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra State precisely, with my mum, dad, and my siblings… I have brothers and I’m the 3rd seed. I attended St Jude and St Augustine primary school in Aguleri and Anam both in Anambra state and i was later admitted in St Dominic savio seminary Akpu Anambra state Nigeria and atended my , J.H.S. at Community Sec Sch and USSA both in Otuocha and Agulu in Anambra state. I furthered my education when i was in Malaysia which i finally came out with my degree in Business Admin.

KV: How did music influence your childhood?

JKL:  In our home, i think each person has special talents and I can say that my mum is a better singer than me. She use to sing in the church and she was part of the choir so music was a way of survival for us…a place of joy, a place to escape emotionally and mentally, and even spiritually. My Mum had the music on 24/7. Music was food and water for us when money was down. We were so full and satisfied as long as music was blasting through the speakers in our home. It influenced every aspect of my childhood. I love listening to reggae because my elder brother always blasts it.


JKL: Yes, music is a ‘Technical Discipline’ that you need to study. Just like accountancy before you can comfortably work in a bank. I learn everyday when writing and recording our songs. Music is dynamic in nature and need to be studied with all the senses fully opened and it means if you don’t study the trends and how it is evolving over the years, you will only be producing what nobody wants to listen to. Yes I study the rudiments of music on my own but, no formal classroom education.

KV: What is the importance of music in society, as a whole?

JKL: I think music is the soul food therefore all artist should be absolutely honest with what we write about, because music never lies… and good music never dies it addresses all issues that are so hard for the average person to talk about. Society is filled with so much politics, gender issues, spiritual issues, class issues but at the end of the day music is the only element in life that EVERYONE is so cool with. Music is the society’s best friend… so you can always count on it.


JKL: It is quite amazing, first of all. Music is my God giving talent so it comes from above. But JKL4Real on a normal day is inspired by the crazy beats by my sound engineers. Most of songs are like reality checks. They are things that happen to people including you and I every day.

KV: Who were your favorite musicians when you were growing up? –

JKL: I never really had or have a favorite musician because, I’m an all-rounder when it comes to that but I know Bob Marley was an artist I listened to EVERYDAY…and Joseph Hill, Still waters, Fella Kuti,, as well you know, talk abt Nas, 2pac, B.I.G and some various artist. I also remember my Mum constantly playing Gospel because my dad was Osadebe fun and then my older brother too and his friends won’t give a break about their arguments which got me also addicted too. Listening to shaggy, Daniel Wilson, Majeck Fashek, Sizla Kalonji, Elephant-man and couple of other artists got me attracted to the Dance hall music at a tender age

. KV: Who are your favorite Ghanaian musicians now?

JKL: I just try and update myself with what’s new around the world and in the industry , that’s all, and I have specific songs that I really like…and of course I still listen to old school jams. I listen to artist’s like Sarkodie, , stonebowy,Ras Kuuku, Bisa K’dei, Obibini,Shatta wale and many more


JKL: The industry has its own challenges. But Dr Money feels more can be than to resolve some of the horrible challenges facing us. The future of DANCEHALL in Ghana music is safe if we the artist understand the dynamics in music and will learn to put a good content in our song. The backbiting, selfishness, greed and beefing is already part of a Black man’s But Musicians in the west are putting best measures in selling their songs out, and their various industries support them. So we can also find a way out. And one good thing about this whole thing is that African rhythm has taken over the World.

KV Aside Ras kuuku, Shatta wale, Stonebwoy, Which Ghanaian musician would you like to work with and why?

JKL: I would love to work with the legends. I can’t name them because I would work with them all if I could, lol. I grew up listening to …Bob Marley, Peter Touch, Joseph Hills, Culture, Shaggy etc, so it’s all about conscious vibes and positivity… and when it comes to our own time


JKL: I have a tall list of songs that can make up an album but my team and i are very careful as to what to push into the market now? We are still working on our brand and strengthening our fan base before any other things. So when we’re ready my public relation’s team helpful though because of copyright issues and other disadvantage but I think it’s just a matter of getting your music up on to the right sites and the right people. In a whole it makes music making much easier and i hope it’ll not make the artist feel lazier. Most of my singles and album can be purchased on ITunes, CD-Baby, Rhapsody, E-Music, my songs are on over 150 digital stores on-line, some are free to stream and download while some are strictly pay as you download.

KV Since entering the music scene, what’s the most important thing you have learned?

JKL: I’ve learnt to trust and believe in God, Prayer is the master key, also that time will tell in everything, and good works will surely be rewarded as the evil will not go unpunished and That you have to stay humble no matter what because a lot of unexpected things are going to hit you like a ton of bricks and that can make you lose focus and remain untrue to your art. I know we live in the projects broke with no lights on, but still we have to be strong and mostly be true to yourself, be good and as well help others in need.


JKL: Well it was difficult initially but with time they have realize music chose me and therefore i have to response to the divine call. Am coming from a very religious home where circular music is not a family thing because of the negative perception. And those who knows me too well calls me Justin Prophet.


JKL:  Music is my focus right now. I don’t really want to be talking about relationship as the focus is the business now. I love all my fans all day and respect their concern as well.

KV: Out of all of the songs you have released, which one is your favorite?

JKL: I love the new one that’s out now, ‘What ever’…it really shows the serious side of me, the African part of me which the fans are love and this song is the introduction to that side of me. And I’ll always try to stay true to myself. I also have a few more favorites on the list but I can’t tell you about that now, as i wish to use that as a surprise to the fans lol .

KV: Tell me a bit about your hit song “Google Me”. What influenced you to write that song and how did you come up with the concept for the video?

JKL: Haha!!! those were the Really Good times and that particular song I had the concept all about my life and people surrounding me .The Google me video was shot by DeeJay Obino under 4real Records, sponsored by Ofu Obi International Club of Malaysia and co sponsored by 4real Records, directed by Obino……………………..

KV: What were you doing and where were you the first time you heard your song on the radio?

JKL: Jah know! I think it was a foreign presenter that played my song first and I was actually being interviewed by him at the same time and oh my! To myself, it sounds better on air, lol, but I was euphoric and so confident because I knew it already sounds good.

KV: Describe the way that you write your songs—what factors into your music writing process?

JKL: It depends…on what I’m writing about, my environment/atmosphere, my mood and whether I have a beat already or not…I think maybe I should take you around with me sometime so you can see how it really works, the different and many ways I handle writing, recording and production sessions etc. You would love it cos I like to work with a concept therefore most of my songs have a good story line. Most important part of it is that i don`t write songs down first before recording them, i do normally sing what i have in my head out first before writing them down, most times when i picked up a pen to write, one voice will be asking me why am i forcing it and i will drop my pen, walked into the booth, offload the whole inspiration by voicing them out and then listen while i write them down.

KV: You tend to sing in English, patoa, French and Igbo. How important is the language when composing a song and how do you determine which language a song will be sang in?

JKL: I’ve done a few songs in Igbo, English, and Patoa before, hehe…I just hear a beat/rhythm and HEY there has to be another dialect in there because it just comes to me like that and feels like sometimes someone control my mind. I can just enter a studio and just do a good track just like that. The English language is what I’m more used to, Igbo is my mother’s tongue, and patois is for the streets so the three always remain a priority in my works still.

KV: What are your goals for this year?

JKL: More videos, more music, more shows, Charity works, travelling to the world and spreading the word… JKL Music, Justin Kingland Foundation.(JKF)

KV: If you were not making music, what do you think you would be doing in your life?

JKL:  A priest….Those who really knows me too well calls me Justin Prophet…


JKL: I’m not so religious to that extends but I’m also very careful not to lose my voice. I eat what every African eats. I don’t joke with my regular voice training session and that’s all..



JKL: I want to thank God, My Team, #Team1withGOD, 4Real Records, FOA, BIG30 FUN CLUB,  and the loyal fans out there for the love and support they are giving me. I’m so grateful. I have a lot of songs including collaborations coming up this year so they should keep their fingers crossed. They can get interactive with me on the social media. They can get interactive with me on the social media. On facebook/jkl4real: on Twitter: @jkl4real, my channel on Hulkshare/kingland1

For booking please call: +233 200059663 or send us an email:


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