Inside Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker’s House on Football Game Days

Jessie James Decker, Instagram

If it’s Sunday, it’s game day at the Decker house.

Like so many Americans, today will likely be dedicated to running errands, catching up on homework and of course, watching some good ole fashioned American football.

The same can be said most Sundays for Jessie James Decker who makes it a family affair to cheer on Eric Decker and the New York Jets week after week.

“We all have Jets gear on whether it’s Jets pjs or a jersey,” the country singer shared with E! News exclusively. [Our daughter] Vivi gets very into it and will sit, watch and keep her eyes glued. She will make me rewind whenever there is a close-up of Eric.”

When the kids are able to make it to a home game, the excitement is even bigger especially when they can reunite with dad off the field.

Jessie James Decker, Instagram

“They love going to the games and watching daddy play. They just see him as daddy so I don’t know if they really get it sometimes,” she admitted. “As soon as he’s done with a game and comes out of the tunnel it’s immediately, ‘Daddy, I need to poopy!’ or ‘Daddy, I’m hungry!'”

In between her latest tour, the singer and fashion designer partnered up with RITZ crackers. The delicious snack has proven to be an excellent addition for her tailgate and game day food items.

“I usually have made something cozy like chili or a roast to watch during the game. I also have some favorite recipes, one of my favorites is called ‘Kick Balls’—a RITZ Cracker topped with half a mini meatball, sriracha & roasted garlic BBQ sauce and finished off with some shredded parmesan cheese,” she shared. “Ritz is all about celebrating the moments that make life rich, like football gatherings.”

Regardless of the season and busy schedules, Jessie and Eric know that family time is so important. And even with two kids around the house, some quality one-on-one time is always possible too.

“We always find one night a week to hang out together, even if that is just watching Netflix together,” Jessie explained. ” I do love spending the afternoon cooking a home cooked meal for everyone and having us sit down as a family to eat.  There is nothing like that quality bonding time together!”

Something tells us we know what this family is doing when the Jets take on Cleveland Browns later today.

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