WAGS Miami Ladies Are Living the Glam Life

WAGS Miami Ladies Are Living the Glam Life

WAGS Miami 102


The day of Astrid’s show arrived and she was extremely stressed preparing for her major debut. It also didn’t help that Metisha was missing in action for the walk-through. “Metisha’s not here and I find it very rude and unprofessional,” she said. “If she’s not here, this whole thing’s going to be thrown off.”

Metisha finally did show up, but she caught an attitude when Astrid called her out for being late. “I understand this is her baby and she’s doing it for the first time,” Metisha said. “But I found it a bit selfish of her to get at me that way.”

Eventually, the petty drama was dismissed and the show went off without a hitch. “Metisha was a little bit of a pain in the ass to work with, but she killed it on the runway, so I really just can’t be mad at that,” Astrid said. “It’s finally done and over with and Claudia closed it with a bang!”

Afterward, the ladies met up for dinner to celebrate Astrid’s success at Miami Swim Week. But there was still an elephant in the room because of Hencha and Claudia’s past beef. Ashley encouraged them to come clean about their feelings toward each other, mainly to avoid being thrown in the middle again.

Hencha then explained how hurt and angry she had been to find out Claudia was involved with her ex right after their breakup. “I was really devastated,” she said, before tearing up. “I felt like I’d been used. My confidence level went down. I went into straight depression. I cried for at least a year.”

Claudia sympathized with Hencha’s emotion and explained that she didn’t intend to hurt anyone in that situation. “I can only tell you that I didn’t know anything,” she said.

Claudia said she had met her ex at a nightclub and only hung out with him briefly before pulling the plug on the relationship. “I never spoke to him again,” she said. “This guy isn’t s–t.”

Hencha was relieved to finally get closure after holding on to that situation for so long, but she also wasn’t ready to completely trust Claudia . “I forgive, but I never forget,” she told Metisha.

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