Ashley Talks About Her Drama With Claudia

WAGS Miami 102


Darnell then invited Hencha, Vanessa Cole and Metisha Schaefer to join her at a champagne tasting for her engagement party. While sipping on some bubbly, Hencha explained that she still has a problem with Claudia because years ago she stole the love of her life. At the time, she caught him with Claudia at his house, so she decided to get the ultimate revenge.

“I know what’s going to hurt. Guys care about their watches and their cars and sometimes their shoes,” Hencha said. “He had a brand-new Aston Martin, so I keyed it from the light to the back light because you got to get a new paint job, hunny!”

WAGS Miami 102


Astrid continued to prepare for her Hera Swim show by holding a casting call to find the perfect models to join Claudia and Metisha on the runway. She invited them both to help her, but before the prospects arrived, Metisha tried to give Claudia some tips to elevate her walk. However, she had trouble keeping a straight face and couldn’t stop joking around!

Darnell received a shock when her fiancé, Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones, revealed he wanted to call off their engagement party to keep the moment private between them. This was major news to Darnell who had already sent out the invitations!

“I can’t do that,” she pleaded with him. “It’s so close to it. You can’t just back out on me like that. You know how I am. I’ve planned everything out. That’s something that you’ve got to say before I start planning all of this stuff.”

Reshad wasn’t willing to compromise on his decision and the sudden change in plans threw Darnell for a loop. It even made her question whether or not he wants to get married at all. She later broke down in tears while telling Ashley what happened. “I just really wanted that day to show my friends and show my family that we made it, that we’re better now,” she said. “I just kind of feel he took that away.”

WAGS Miami 102


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